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Conference Sponsors:

Platinum Patrons:

Silver Patrons:

Bronze Patrons:

Intelligent Automation Inc.                

Intelligent Automation Inc.



Information for potential sponsors and patrons:

For IEEE INFOCOM 2010, we have four levels of support:

1. Bronze Patron, up to $5000:

a. Display space for your company's brochures,

b. Logo on the Conference's web page, advance program, final program and proceedings.

2. Silver Patron, up to $10,000.
In addition to the Bronze Patron benefits,

c. Three free registrations,

d. A coffee break will be designated as being supported by your company,

e. Preferential venues for your company's promotional material.

3. Gold Patron, up to $20,000.
In addition to the Silver Patron benefits,

f. Three additional free registrations,

g. Your company will be credited for providing student travel support.

4. Platinum Patron, $20,000 and above.
In addition to the Gold Patron benefits, we will use appropriate venues to underscore and publicize your support. For example, the reception will be designated as being partially or fully supported by your company

For more information about being an INFOCOM Patron, please contact our standing committee chair, Harvey Freeman, at h.freeman@ieee.org or our financial chair, Bruce Worthman, at b.worthman@comsoc.org