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Self-configuring and IP-enabled Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks based on 6LoWPAN and IEEE 802.15.4

Donato Battaglino, Lorenzo Bracciale, Francesca Lo Piccolo, Andrea Bragagnini, Maura Santina Turolla, Nicola Blefari Melazzi

Universita di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Italy


CogAP: An Autonomous Cognitive Access Point for Wi-Fi Hotspots

Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, B. S. Manoj, and Ramesh Rao

University of California, San Diego


An Imote2 Compatible High Fidelity Sensing Module for SHM Sensor Networks

Bo Li, Dan Wang, Yi Qing Ni

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China


Jello - Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in Digital Homes

Lei Yang (University of California, Santa Barbara), Wei Hou (Tsinghua University), Zengbin Zhang (University of California, Santa Barbara), Ben Y. Zhao (University of California, Santa Barbara), Haitao Zheng (University of California, Santa Barbara)


Using Legacy Applications in Future Heterogeneous Networks with ariba

Christian Hubsch, Christoph P. Mayer, Sebastian Mies, Roland Bless, Oliver P. Waldhorst, and Martina Zitterbart

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany


Net-Controller: a Network Visualization and Management Tool

Julien Herzen, Adel Aziz, Patrick Thiran

EPFL, Switzerland


A Decentralized MAC Protocol for Opportunistic Spectrum Access in

Cognitive Wireless Networks

Junaid Ansari, Xi Zhang, and Petri Mahonen

RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Switch-Integrated Transparent TCP Accelerator

Jeongkeun Lee (HP Labs), Puneet Sharma (HP Labs), Jean Tourrilhes (HP Labs), Rick McGeer (HP Labs), Jack Brassil (HP Labs), and Andy Baviery (Princeton University)


MobiNetViz - A Geographical and Temporal Visualization Tool for Application Traffic in Mobile WiMAX Network

Xiaofei Wang, Jinyoung Han, Jinwook Seo, Ted “Taekyoung” Kwon, Yanghee Choi

Seoul National University, Korea


High Speed Maritime Mesh Network System

Pankaj Sharma, Jaya Shankar Pathmasuntharam

Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore


NeTraMark: A Network Traffic Classification BenchMark

Suchul Lee (Seoul National University, Korea), Sungryoul Lee (Seoul National University, Korea), Hyunchul Kim (Seoul National University, Korea), Chong-Kwon Kim (Seoul National University, Korea), Dhiman Barman (Juniper), Ted ”Taekyoung” Kwon (Seoul National University, Korea), and Yanghee Choi (Seoul National University, Korea)


Pipeline Network Coding for Multicast Streams

Phillip Tao, Chien-Chia Chen, Soon Y. Oh, Mario Gerla, M. Y. Sanadidi

University of California, Los Angeles


WiNV: A Framework for Web-based Interactive Scalable Network Visualization

Hassan Gobjuka (Verizon), Kamal A. Ahmat (City University of New York)


OpenFlow QoS Controller: For Network Slicing in OpenFlow Networks

Wonho Kim (Princeton University), Puneet Sharma (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories), Jean Tourrilhes (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories), Jeongkeun Lee (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories), Sung-ju Lee (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories), Sujata Banerjee (Hewlett-

Packard Laboratories), and Praveen Yalagandula (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories)


A Testbed for TCP in Heterogeneous Wired/Wireless Networks

Chengdi Lai, Ka-Cheong Leung, and Victor O.K. Li

The University of Hong Kong, China


An Opportunistic Platform based on the Autonomic Network Architecture

Theus Hossmann (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Ariane Keller (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Franck Legendre (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Martin May (Technicolor Paris Research Lab, France)


Smart Cross-layer Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks

F. Royo, A. M. Ortiz, T. Olivares, P. Diaz, and L. Orozco-Barbosa

University of Castilla–La Mancha (UCLM), Spain


ThirdEye: Diagnostics and Analytics Framework for Testbed Experiments

Arun Viswanathan (USC/ISI), Jelena Mirkovic (USC/ISI), Karen Sollins(MIT)


Decentralized Traffic Information Systems and Adaptive Rerouting in Urban Scenarios

Christoph Sommer (Carnegie Mellon University), Reinhard German (University of Erlangen, Germany), and Falko Dressler (University of Erlangen, Germany)


ViSiM: A MANET Routing Simulation Demonstration Tool for Naive Users

Nazmus Saquib, Md. Sabbir Rahman Sakib, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

BRAC University, Bangladesh